Greek Wine Guide

The country of Greece is known for its wine. Wine in Greece goes about 6,500 years back, making for one of the oldest wine-making countries globally. The most aged Greek wine served today is around 2,000 years old, the famous white wine, Retsina. This famous and historic wine is one that ancient Greeks drank; it is best served cold and with Greek cheeses. Retsina is also served at Committee Boston for you to enjoy!

There are many regions in Greece that are known for their winemaking. In this post, you will be guided through Greek wines to learn more about them and their history. Visit Committee Boston to get the chance to sip on some of these delicious wines!

Red Wines 

Red wine is made by the crushing and fermenting of dark-colored, red, whole grapes. Many types of red wine vary in taste and color.


This fragrant red wine is native to Greece’s Peloponnese peninsula. It is one of the more commercially exported grapes and wines. Agiorghitiko produces a soft fruity blend.


Known as “sour black”, this is the main grape grown in northern Greece. This variety ages well and carries a rich flavor. Xinomavro red wine is served at Committee in Boston!


The red wine grape Mandilaria is mainly grown on the Greek isles. This grape produces a deep-colored wine that has a light body. Mandilaria is also served at Committee Boston!

White Wines

White wine is a wine that is fermented without skin. It is mainly produced from “white” grapes. White wine also comes in a wide range of tastes.


This wine is made from a white wine grape that is native to the island of Santorini. These grapes are planted and grow in the rich volcanic ash soil. Committee Boston serves many different Assyrtiko wines for visitors to sip on!


The wine is produced from a small harvest grape, Lagorthi. It is grown in the high slopes of the Peloponnese. Lagorthi produces sweet wine. Committee Boston is pouring up Lagorthi wine.


The malagousia grape is grown in Macedonia. This grape produces full-body white wines, and it was resurrected in the 20th century! Get the chance to have Malagousia wine at Committee in Boston.


Produced with high acidity and a lemon note, the Robola grape is mostly grown in the Ionian Island of Cephalonia. 

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