How to Pair Greek Wine and Cheese

The Greeks are wine and cheese-loving people, but they are not the only ones who appreciate or enjoy fine wine with great cheese. Greek cheese and wine pairing have long evolved from the limited duo: briny feta and piney retsina. There’s a variety of Greek cheeses and incredible wines that offers something special for every palate. Do you know how to pair Greek wine and cheese? If you need some help, keep reading to learn about a few of the best pairing options. And, head to Committee Boston for your own Greek experience!

Feta With Fragrant White Wine

The iconic Greek feta is soft and creamy and is a salty, brine-aged cheese. The dryer the cheese becomes, the texture becomes crumbly and grainy, and the salt content becomes concentrated. This cheese requires a wine that can match the saltiness and the intensity of the flavor-something vibrant- a bright, fragrant white wine – an unoaked Moschofilero or a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. The acidity of the herbal, grassy notes of these two wines can stand up against the intensity and creaminess of the feta. 

Graviera and Medium Body Red or Rich White Wine

Graviera is a versatile Greek yellow cheese that, depending on age, ranges from soft and buttery to complex and tangy. It has a mellow flavor that’s slightly sweet but nutty and sharp with age. The cow’s milk variety can have a caramel flavor. Like chardonnay, Malagousia, or Vidiano, a full white wine pairs well with a smooth, young Graviera, while a sweeter Graviera would go well with a medium body red Merlot.

Kasseri and Spicy Red Wine

Kasseri is a mellow and mild cheese that’s mildly salty with a pliant, semi-hard texture. This mildly sweet cheese can change flavor as it ages and becomes more concentrated -rich and peppery. Fruity, spicy red wines, like Agiorgitiko that offer black cherry and currant notes, sweet raspberry, and nutmeg harmonize well with this cheese.

Manouri With Aromatic White Wine

Manouri is a tasty, alabaster-white, buttery whey cheese with a milky, creamy taste, plus a rich texture. Malagousia and Moschofilerois are great Greek wines to pair with Manouri. The aromatic, full-bodied whites have a balanced acidity allowing them to complement well with the fatty Manouri.

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