5 Popular Greek Dishes To Try This Winter

With the winter season approaching, it is a perfect time to try something new. Whether that means making a New Years’ resolution or treating yourself to a night out with friends for the holidays – here are some great Greek dishes to try in Boston this winter! Visit us at Committee in Boston to try any of these 5 dishes – we promise you won’t regret it. 



Gyros are a traditional Greek dish, consisting of meat from a vertical rotisserie stuffed into a pita with a variety of stuffings such as french fries, salads, and tzatziki. At Committee, we bring a unique twist by creating Bao Gyro, with more of a BBQ taste. 



Souvlaki is the traditional Greek dish of meats and/or vegetables grilled on skewers. At Committee, we use lamb marinated in lemon with a delicious side of tzatziki. In places besides Greece and for many tourists, souvlaki may be made with a variety of different meats, but the traditional meat choice typically is pork. The word souvlaki itself is derived from the Latin word for a skewer. 


Spanakopita (Vegetarian)

One of the most popular and vegetarian dishes in Greek communities and at Committee in Boston is spanakopita. The delicious spinach pies are a great alternative to those who choose to not eat meat. At Committee, we serve our spanakopita with a Turkish twist with spinach and feta dumplings with a tomato sauce. Try it today, order online, or make reservations! 



If you have your favorite local Italian restaurant, we understand the importance of delicious meatballs. In the Greek communities, we have soutzoukakia. The difference between your Italian meatballs and our Greek meatballs is the traditional Mediterranean spices and cinnamon that brings a more sweet and spicy dish. The soutzoukakia red sauce is unlike any other, try it for yourself today! 



Lastly, on our list of must-haves, this winter is kritharoto. Another merge between Italian and Greek cultures, this dish combines your favorite risotto and kritharaki – the Greek alternative. A delicious mixture of orzo with fried clams, shrimp, and calamari topped with saffron broth, this is the perfect comfort food for winters in Boston. 


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