The Philosophy Behind Greek Hospitality

Greek hospitality can be seen in its truest form in every person who is or feels Greek. Philoxenia, the Greek work for hospitality, is literally translated as “friend to the stranger.” This is the concept of welcoming and caring for all visitors coming in and out of your doorstep. At Committee, we have a strong foundation within this mindset of Greek hospitality. 


Hospitality within Greek countries is a code of values that is followed in local hostels, restaurants, and luxury resorts. With entrepreneurs and business owners always looking to give travelers the best experience, many other aspects are encompassed within Greek tourism. 


Greek Hospitality

For some Greek business owners, the hospitality business has deep roots within mythology and religious beliefs. Greek communities have fostered this state of mind and way of life behind philoxenia, the Greek term for hospitality as mentioned above. There is a strong tourist industry that has been built upon this philosophy. Many follow the notion that philoxenia is part of the Greek DNA, and this has been continuously challenged. With that being said, in Ancient Greek times, there was great virtue bestowed upon a host and the guest.  


Philotomo & Philoxenia 

Philoxenia and Philótimo are two terms that encompass the Greek value for pleasant and unique hospitality. Philoxenia, which translates to friends of the stranger, and Philotimo, which signifies strong personal honor, can hand in hand to create a unique meaningful tourism experience. Having the ability to go above and beyond for someone – dictated by both personal and professional obligations. A word that truly signifies doing anything for someone without the need for something in return – something that I think we can all see in Greek hospitality. 


Greek Generosity 

Philoxenia is also related to geneodoria, a word that signifies Greek generosity and yet another key trait in the character of Greek people. As you can see, based on the language they built, many words were created to explain simple experiences within the hospitality world. This concept of geneodoria can be seen in different shapes and forms. These terms and notions of Greek generosity and hospitality can be seen visiting a luxury resort in Greece, or simply smiling at a stranger or eating at a friend’s house. 


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