Things To Do in the Back Bay of Boston, MA! 

It’s getting warmer in Boston, the perfect time to walk around your surrounding neighborhoods and indulge in new restaurants and experiences. Here are some of our favorite things to do in the springtime in Back Bay


Take A Walk In the gardens  

This yeah, head into the backyard of Church Park and follow the paths to the oldest wartime victory garden in the country. When the time is right, Boston gardeners apply their green thumbs in one place, and the results are always worth seeing. By the time the hot sun of July arrives, all gardens will be in full bloom. Catch the first buds now and get a whiff to spark spring nostalgia. 


Enjoy the sun and the landscapes  

As the sun gets warmer and stronger, the bustle picks up on Newbury Street. Shop at your favorite brand-name, or local small business, and take a seat and a number of cafes and restaurants. 


Back Bay may not yet be quite as lush in the spring as it will be in the summer months, but a visit to the MFA (Museum of Fine Art) will give a sense of what the warmer summer weather will bring. A stroll through the galleries will warm the heart regardless of the temperatures outside. It’s one of our favorite things to do in Back Bay – give it a try! 


Enjoy Sharable Greek Plates at Committee  

Inspired by the modern-day “ouzeri” found throughout Greece, Committee is the kind of vibrant, welcoming place where the conversation flows, the sharable plates delight and satisfy, and the creative cocktails keep the mood light and fun. Step in and kick back in a gathering place that brings a new spark–and a true taste of Greece–to the Boston waterfront.


Looking for something a little more special? If you have friends and family visiting this spring, consider hosting a private event at Committee in Boston, MA. Be the life of the party and the talk of the town by hosting your event at Committee in Boston, MA! Bring the energy, spark, and fun of a cocktail party to an event of any size at Committee. In our high-energy eatery by Boston’s waterfront, guests mix and mingle over Greek Meze, a dining concept originating in the Mediterranean that encourages them to sample, share, and socialize.


To visit Committee in Boston, MA, make reservations with us today by visiting our website, giving us a call, or walking in! Learn more here.