Where To Get A Delicious Brunch In Boston, MA

Spring is the perfect time to indulge in a fun weekend brunch with friends and family. Have you made Mother’s Day plans yet? Make brunch reservations! Want to celebrate the warm weather sweeping across Boston, MA? Today, attend a fun brunch with friends and family in Boston, MA. 

At Committee in Boston, MA, we have various Greek-influenced brunch options. Here are some of our favorite brunch items at Committee in Boston, MA. 



Sfougato is a traditional dish from Greece and is one of our favorite classics at Committee in Boston, MA. With a base of eggs, zucchini, and feta, it is typically topped with dill, mint, and oregano. Often breadcrumbs are used on the bottom of the skillet to stop it from sticking, but I find it works just as well without. It is served with home fries and a fresh sourdough toast.


Loukaniko Hash

Loukaniko is a Greek sausage made from pork or lamb and traditionally flavored with orange peel, fennel seeds, and other dried herbs. Sometimes, it can even be smoked over aromatic woods to give it an extra flavor. At Committee in Boston, MA, our loukaniko hash is made with three sunny-side-up eggs, pork and leek sausage, butternut squash, celery root, spinach, and a sourdough toast.


Breakfast Gyro

Gyros are one of the most famous Greek food items made from meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie. It is then sliced and served stuffed into pita bread. This dish cannot be missed with ingredients such as tomato, onion, fried potatoes, and tzatziki sauce. At Committee, we serve a breakfast gyro with scrambled eggs, grilled halloumi, loukaniko sausage, and Florina pepper coulis. In proper Greek fashion is then wrapped in pita and served with home fries.


Finish Off Your Meal with a Sweet Finish

Who doesn’t love finishing off their brunch with a delicious sweet option? At Committee, we have different sweet options if you’d prefer that over savory. For example, we have a greek yogurt pancake option topped with ouzo-infused blueberries, lemon zest, and anthotyro whipped cream. We also have shareable options such as tsoureki toast with mastiha whipped cream, powdered sugar, and berries. Visit our brunch menu to view more. 


Why You Should Choose Committee for Brunch in Boston, MA

Inspired by the modern-day “ouzeri” found throughout Greece, Committee is a vibrant, welcoming place for you to engage in flowing conversations and delightful shareable plates. Step in and kick back in a gathering place that brings a new spark and an authentic taste of Greece to the Boston waterfront. Call us today at 617.737.5051!