Traits of our Bartenders at Committee in Boston MA

No one wants to go to a bar and have a lousy night. However, it’s not uncommon to be confronted with a rude or unattentive bartender busy with everything except taking your drink order. Things can get frustrating when it takes forever to get that drink. Of all the possible bad bartending pitfalls, there are some stellar bartenders out there that will ensure that guests have the best time possible and that your bar picks up great reviews. You can avoid being stuck with bartenders that disappoint by identifying key traits when seeking someone for a new bartending position. Take a look at some top characteristics of a good bartender. Head to Committee Boston and experience our fabulous drinks and even better bartenders!

Knows Their Drinks

A bar is a place where people buy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, which means that it’s paramount that a bartender has keen knowledge about various drinks. Bartenders are knowledgeable about their craft if they are to be effective. Being an expert mixologist who is well-versed in everyday beers and cocktails, plus those less common drinks, is a star quality to possess. A bartender can offer guests recommendations about a drink to try or what drink to pair with their meal. It’s a must that a bartender knows their drinks.

A Bartender Must Maintain Cleanliness

A clean environment is a healthy and inviting space, and your bartend should ensure that cleanliness is an everyday practice on the job. Bar cleaning may not be a glamorous part of the job description, but it’s essential nonetheless. It’s all about the kind of experience that you give to your guests. A clean and tidy bar will attract and keep guests coming back, and any bartender that values cleanliness is an asset.

Exceptional Customer Service Skills

It helps that a bartender is a people person, but more importantly, that bartender understands what it means to offer excellent customer service. A bartender should be vibrant and friendly to let guests feel welcome and at ease. A smile and a warm greeting can go a long way when bartending, and so can being responsive and attentive. Seek out a personable bartender who can quickly form connections with people and knows how to handle different personalities and situations. 

Exemplify Excellent Time Management and Memory

Effective time management is a common challenge to bartending, and having a good memory is also helpful. Not all orders will be simple; some may include uncommon or long names and long, multiple requests in one order. Things can get complicated fast, and you have to work under pressure and deliver orders promptly and stay connected with guests, all the while keeping them happy. A bartender must deliver on time management and have a good memory to make their bartending something boss and guests appreciate.

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