5 Greek Comfort Foods You Will Love

Greece is famous for many things, and its various cuisines are a leading example of how Greece is full of culture and taste. Tourists and locals alike appreciate the flavor and spiciness of Greek foods. 


Greeks put their hearts into their recipes, and their results are worth the effort. Greek spices and many dishes are served worldwide due to their impeccable flavor. Visit Committee in Boston, MA to try some of our Greek favorites this fall. 



Lahanodolmades are also known as Greek Stuffed Cabbage Leaves. It’s a classic Greek dish, and it’s exactly how it sounds, cabbage leaves are stuffed with a mixture of chopped or minced meat (or rice, for vegans). After the stuffing is complete, it’s topped with a sauce of egg and lemon called avgolemono sauce. It can be served at room temperature or warm with a yogurt dip to soften the spiciness. Most people love this dish because you can incorporate spices according to your liking without compromising the dish’s essence.



This dish is one of the most famous comfort food in Greek. Its origin is Pelion, with red peppers and sausages cooked in thick tomato sauce mixed with various spices. Additionally, if you want a spicier spetsofai, you can incorporate red chili flakes. There are many recipes where most people use hot paprika or hot chili peppers for the sauce. Spetsofai can get spicy quickly, so remember to keep a slice of cheese or yogurt. Cheese is commonly used as it enhances this particular dish’s flavor.



This is a rice-based dish famous for its thick texture. It’s such a heavy dish that you won’t likely feel hungry until the next meal after eating it. People often eat this during dinner to get fullness and not wake up hungry.  Prasoriza is found throughout the country. Its central element is rice and a few chopped leeks. This dish appears and tastes like a Greek version of risotto while it’s complemented with your choice of herbs (they can be oregano, thyme, or dill).


Meatball Soup

The broth and meatballs make an exquisite taste in the soup. Meatballs are rice or beef, while the broth can sometimes contain vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, and tomatoes. The base of this food is the evergreen avgolemono sauce. This is best for chilly nights and served alongside a salad, bread, or cheese. 



While it doesn’t qualify as a dish, it’s an ingredient everyone in Greece uses, and if you have yet to try it, you should. The homemade version of this ingredient is the most popular demand among the Greeks. Trahana is used to preserve milk. To shape a ball, you can combine your choice of grain (bulgur, cracked meat, semolina, or others) with milk or yogurt. It sometimes looks like granola, making it the perfect comfort food.


When visiting Greece, these are five of the most popular comfort foods you need to try. To connect with your roots back in Greece, you should see Committee right here in Boston MA for these delicious comfort foods. We make sure the quality and taste are up to par.