Fun Places to Get Cocktails in Boston MA

Boston’s cocktail scene has exploded in the past decade. It is currently thriving at some of the best mixology hotspots in the city. Whether searching for a strong classic drink, a meticulously constructed cocktail, an internationally-inspired beverage, or a fun alcoholic slushie, you won’t be let down by these top cocktail bar places. There are speakeasies, bars, and trendy hotspots available.

Lacking the desire for a cocktail? You may still go to one of Boston’s countless dive bars, storied Irish bars, or buzzing sports bars for a chill beer or hearty pour of the booze.

Mentioned below are the fun places to get cocktails in Boston, MA: 



In recent years, Hecate has been the hottest new cocktail bar in Boston, MA. This underground speakeasy, owned and run by the same group as Krasi, has the best feeling of being in NYC rather than Boston. As you walk in, your eyes gradually adjust to the darkness, and you wonder if anyone else has managed to get a table at the hippest restaurant in town. The waiters, referred to as your “spirit guides,” make chic cocktails in the background.


Inspired by the modern-day “ouzeri” found throughout Greece, Committee is the kind of vibrant, welcoming place where the conversation flows, the sharable plates delight and satisfy, and the creative cocktails keep the mood light and fun. Step in and kick back in a gathering place that brings a new spark–and a true taste of Greece–to the Boston waterfront. Get a taste of Greek meze and cocktails in Boston, MA! Call us today at 617.737.5051!


Krasi is located in the Back Bay and has a menu of off-the-beaten-path with natural wines from the islands. Krasi tells the lesser-known stories of Greece, which is one way the concept strives to evoke the cultural concept of philoxenia. You will find wines that have never been poured in Boston and a unique bottle of assyrtiko from the producer Gaia, which has been submerged in the Aegean Sea for five years. Visit us today to get started.