Foods To Eat To Start The New Year Right

At the turn of the year, it can feel like you have a brand-new notebook. That’s why people tend to pop the champagne, sing Auld Lang Syne, and watch the ball drop. Another fun way to start the new year right is by eating the right foods. 

The foods to eat to start the New Year right are those that stem from traditional beliefs. Consider eating one of these New Year’s foods and see how your year improves over the last!


Ring Shaped Food Items

Another trip around the sun is like coming full circle. Because of this, people like to eat circular-shaped foods! Bundt cakes, donuts, and onion rings are just a few examples that fit the description. You might also consider bagels or a jello mold. 

Pork Brings Wealth

If you plan to be far wealthier and prosperous in the coming year, you’ll want to consume pork as a main course this New Year’s. Whether you whip up some decadent pork chops or flavorful carnitas, pork should be on the menu. Fortunately, there are many options to prepare pork – you can be creative and develop a fun and yummy course!

Success Comes with Lentils

Double down on your luck by adding some lentils to your meal on New Year’s. Why? Leave lentils in a bowl of water for a while and observe what happens. They soak up water and expand, showing growth. That growth is a symbol of success and prosperity. 

12 Grapes – and Not One Less

Eating grapes is a fun tradition that comes from Spain. In Spain, exactly 12 grapes are consumed per person to symbolize the 12 months in a year. However, it is crucial that those partaking eat their grapes as the clock dings 12. 

Swim Like a Herring into the New Year

Those near the Baltic Sea find that herring is an abundant fish. Because of the copious amounts of fish, residents on the coast attribute herring to bountiful blessings. Eating herring on New Year’s could only mean that you will find yourself having plenty in the coming year.