The Best Wines to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

To have a Valentine’s Day date to remember, knowing the best wines to celebrate can be valuable information. Whether you prefer a red to a white or a glass of sparkling wine, everyone has Valentine’s Day options. Discovering a new wine can be a great way to celebrate this year’s holiday!


Cabernet Sauvignon 

Cabernet Sauvignon, frequently called Cab, is a famous wine worldwide. It is one of the driest red wines and boasts a flavor pallet including cedar, black currant, and blackberry—the full-bodied wine pairs well with red meat, barbeque, and grilled or roasted veggies. 

A Valentine’s Day meal that features rich and smoky flavors would go with Cab.


Pinot Noir

Another everyday and famous red wine is Pinot Noir. While common, the Pinot Noir grape is thin-skinned and challenging to grow. This wine’s flavor is as delicate as the grape itself, as it is lighter in the body. The flavors and aroma typically include red fruits, depending on the region where it is grown. 

Pinot Noir pairs best with lighter flavors, including poultry, fish, and vegetarian meals. Anything overly spicy or robust will prove to be too much for the lightness of this wine. 


Chianti Classico

This Italian favorite hails from Tuscany, where 80% of the wine is made from Sangiovese grapes. It features a cherry, plum, and earthy flavor and is often aged in oak barrels for a woody undertone. The high acidity and medium body create a wine that pairs well with pasta, pizza, and charcuterie appetizers.

If you want to eat Italian this Valentine’s Day, Chianti Classico is a fantastic wine to complete the meal.



Chardonnay is a white wine known for its versatility in style and pairings. It can be crisp or full-bodied, acidic or oaky, and paired with seafood or pork. Chardonnay also works well with creamy dishes. Its citrus and tropical fruit flavors with a buttery undertone create an exciting flavor that many Valentine’s Day dates will appreciate. 



If you’re looking to celebrate, champagne is the best wine for you! This sparkling wine is light, crisp, and bubbly. It is used for special occasions and holidays and pairs well with many dishes. For this Valentine’s Day, consider eating oysters, cheese, or crispy fried foods like tempura as you pop a bottle of champagne.