Five Best Greek Cocktails to Drink

While most people prefer cocktails from various countries, people rarely talk about Greek Cocktails. And when you ask them why, they usually say they never got to try it. So, if you’re looking to try something new or want to be that person at a party who knows how to make a good cocktail, here are some Greek cocktails you should try. Here are five fun Greek cocktails that you should drink. 

Bold Greek Cocktail: 

The Bold Greek is a bold cocktail that is a great way to end a meal and complements coffee. This Barbaresco ouzo is the ultimate infusion with a dash of coffee, sweet fennel syrup, and some liquor with a few drops of citrus. It’s a tasty, cool beverage that is incredibly refreshing on a lovely summer’s day.

Ouzo Lemonade Cocktail: 

Those who prefer refreshing Greek-inspired cocktails will appreciate Ouzo Lemonade as the ultimate choice. This traditional Greek anise ouzo flavor is often mixed with water and made into clear, milky white wine. The cocktail comprises ouzo, honey, lemon, and mint, which gives a refreshing flavor. However, the ouzo’s flavor can also be adjusted for sweetness and mild harshness.

Mastiha Cocktails: 

The Mastiha Maia is a Greek cocktail made from the sap of a pine tree that grows on Chios island. This particular liqueur is so interesting because it has some menthol attributes and can be very refreshing on a cold day. All you need to make this refreshing drink is Mastiha liqueur, tequila, lime juice, and pomegranate syrup. This drink is especially great for pool parties and other outdoor events.  

Greek Bloody Mary Cocktail: 

Unlike most Bloody Maries you’ve had, none of them had Worcestershire sauce in them! You will need arugula, olive oil, tomato puree, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, soy sauce (marinated coconut milk), salt, pepper, vodka, lemon juice, and ice to make this. This tangy and hot taste instantly makes it pop, and it is a perfect cocktail to pull out during brunch. 

Adonis Cocktail:

Known as the Adonis, this cocktail dates back to 1890 and is named after the ancient Greek god of rebirth. A complex, low-alcohol brew that blends sweet, dry sherry with sweet vermouth and orange bitters. The best part is that its lower alcohol content makes it great for brunch and social events. 

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Greek cocktails usually don’t get the attention they so rightfully deserve, especially regarding their unique blends and flavors. While these five are the most popular, they only scratch the surface of good cocktails—Visit Committee in the Seaport to try more delicious cocktails