What Food Is Boston, MA, Known For

Boston, Massachusetts, is a city recognized for its particular culinary legacy in addition to its rich history and thriving culture. While exploring the city’s historic district and beach, you may taste delicacies that pay tribute to the city’s many cultures. 

Famous Boston MA Foods

Boston has a beautiful selection of must-try cuisine, from fresh seafood to substantial chowders and sweet sweets. In this blog, we’ll take your taste buds on a tour of Beantown by experiencing some of the city’s most well-known dishes.

New England Clam Chowder

To many, New England clam chowder best represents Boston cuisine. The fresh clams, potatoes, onions, and smokey bacon in this soup make for a filling and savory meal. Having it served in a bread bowl is the traditional method of consuming it in Boston.

Lobster Roll

Being so close to the Atlantic Ocean, seafood is a staple in the Boston diet. A real delicacy, the lobster roll consists of buttery, toasted bread stuffed with juicy bits of lobster flesh. Seafood connoisseurs should taste it cold with some mayonnaise or hot with drawn butter.

Boston Baked Beans

The taste of Boston baked beans is a mix of sweetness and saltiness. They are made of navy beans, molasses, brown sugar, and salt pork and are cooked over low heat. The end product is a deliciously sticky and versatile side dish.

Frank Fenway

Fenway Franks are essential to every Red Sox game experience at Fenway Park. Popular at Boston ballgames, these grilled, all-beef hot dogs come on a New England-style split-top bun and may be dressed however the customer pleases.

Boston Cream Pie

Massachusetts has officially recognized Boston Cream Pie as its official dessert. It’s a two-layer sponge cake with a thick layer of custard or cream in the middle and a layer of chocolate icing on top. This sweet treat is the ideal way to round up a delicious lunch in Boston.


Committee brings a twist to the Boston seaport with delicious Greek cuisine and craft cocktails while exploring Greece’s history and culture. Happy eating!

5 Brunch Options in Boston Seaport

Greek brunch brings a wide variety of foods and flavors to the table. After a long week, a great way to spend a weekend day is to get brunch with good people and indulge in even better food! Committee Boston offers a delicious brunch menu filled with must-try items. Continue reading to learn more about some Greek brunch essentials and prepare for your next weekend brunch!



Shakshouka is a staple dish in the Middle East for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The name reflects the way you cook it. Roughly speaking, shakshuka translates to ‘shaken’ or ‘mixed up’, essentially what you do to make it. You’re adding things to a pan and nudging them on low heat. At Committee, we serve our brunch shakshouka with spiced tomato sauce, peppers, and onions topped with feta and a pita.


Classic Greek Omelet

Omelets are always a go-to brunch meal. They’re packed with many flavors and are just what you need on the weekend. A classic Greek omelet is made with spinach, dill, scallions, and feta served with home fries and pita. This perfect combination offers fresh and savory tastes; you can’t pass up on this brunch essential!


Loukaniko Hash

This brunch dish serves you with three sunny-side-up eggs, pork and leek sausage, butternut squash, celery root, spinach, and sourdough toast. With a combination like this, you can go right! Try this weekend brunch essential during your next visit to Committee Boston!


Breakfast Gyro 

Gyros are one of the most popular dishes in Greece, with roots tracing back to the Mycenean Greek and Minoan periods. Gyros are cooked on a vertical spit and comprised of layers of meat cut off and served right on the spot. We serve a breakfast gyro with scrambled eggs, grilled halloumi, loukaniko, and Florina pepper coulis wrapped in pita, served with home fries.


Spanakopita Grilled Cheese

Everyone loves grilled cheeses… You will have to try this spanakopita grilled cheese for brunch! Deliciously served with feta, kasseri, and spinach on sourdough bread and a side of tomato soup. This is a perfect meal for the cooler days when you want something comforting and warm!


Visit Committee in the Seaport 

At Committee Boston, we’re serving up the brunch essentials you need. Visit us today and enjoy our delicious brunch selection. Contact us at (617) 737-5051 or visit our website.

We look forward to having you!


What Makes Greek Food So Good?

Greek food isn’t just a meal; it’s like stumbling upon a hidden treasure chest of flavors, a culinary adventure that’ll have your taste buds doing the happy dance. If you’ve ever wondered what’s the deal with Greek food, hold onto your taste buds because we’re about to dive headfirst into the delicious mysteries of Greece.

A Taste of Greece: Why Greek Food Rocks

Greek cuisine isn’t about culinary acrobatics; it’s all about letting the ingredients shine and doing a little Mediterranean dance in your mouth. So, let’s spill the (olive) oil on what makes Greek food stand out:

Freshness Rules the Roost. Greek food takes the “fresh is best” mantra to a new level. It’s like they have a hotline to the vegetable garden of the gods, serving up ripe tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, and herbs so fragrant they make your taste buds stand up and applaud.

Mediterranean Magic on Your Plate

Thanks to its prime Mediterranean real estate, Greek cuisine boasts a seafood game as strong as Poseidon’s trident. It’s a seafood lover’s paradise, from grilled octopus to buttery sardines.

Herbs & Spices: The Greek Flavor Wizardry

Greek chefs are like wizards with herbs and spices. Oregano, thyme, rosemary, and garlic are their magic wands, transforming simple ingredients into culinary enchantments.

Simplicity with a Dash of Pizzazz

Greek cuisine knows how to do “less is more” with style. Whether it’s a classic Greek salad or a gyro bursting with flavor, they believe in quality ingredients stealing the spotlight.

The Liquid Gold: Olive Oil

Olive oil in Greek cooking isn’t just an ingredient; it’s the show’s star. It’s got a rich, fruity flavor that adds a dose of Mediterranean sunshine to every dish.

Tavernas: Where the Magic Happens

In Greece, meals are more than just eating; they’re an event. Gather with friends and family at a cozy taverna, raise a glass of ouzo, and let the feast begin. It’s like a Mediterranean fiesta for your taste buds.

Sweet Endings with Greek Desserts

Greek desserts are the grand finale that’ll leave your sweet tooth singing. Baklava, those honey-soaked layers of pastry, are like a culinary hug from Greece.

Why You Should Savor Greek Food at Committee

At Committee, we’re like culinary wizards, conjuring up the essence of Greece in every dish. From the freshest ingredients to age-old recipes, we’re here to make your taste buds do a Greek dance. Greek food isn’t just about filling your belly; it’s about creating memories around the table and experiencing the joys of simplicity.. So, set off on the culinary adventure and let Greek food’s goodness guide you.

Your Guide to Exploring the Seaport in Boston, MA

Committee is located in the Seaport District of Boston, MA. This neighborhood has a significant place in American history as it was the site of the Boston Tea Party. These wharves and warehouses stored vast amounts of sugar, molasses, and items used in the local shipbuilding trade. The area is now a thriving community with various shops, restaurants, tourist destinations, and not to mention beautiful views. 

How To Get To The Seaport District

Reach the Seaport District attractions through the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority’s subway system, known locally as the “T.” The nearest T stop is South Station on the Red Line. There are also multiple stops along the Silver Line, including Court House and World Trade. The Seaport District is a quick walk from Boston’s Financial District, Faneuil Hall, and other downtown locations.

Activities for All Ages in the Seaport 

Boston Children’s Museum

The Boston Children’s Museum was founded in 1913 and is the country’s second-oldest children’s museum. It offers a wide range of hands-on exhibits and activities for all ages. Winning the 2015 Children in Museums Award for Lifetime Achievement, the museum is perfect for exploration, learning, and discovery. It offers educational exhibits that make learning about art, culture, and science fun. Exhibitions include:

  • An authentic Japanese House.
  • A three-story climbing structure.
  • A stage where children can participate in their production.

The iconic 40-foot tall Hood Milk Bottle is located right outside!

Institute of Contemporary Art

The Institute of Contemporary Art is noted for the architecture of its building as much as it is for its art collection. Diller, Scofidio, and Renfro’s design features a cantilevered glass exterior with sharp angles contrasting the 18th-century brick warehouses nearby. Known as ICA Boston, the museum hosts a range of events. Catch films, presentations, performances, and exhibits by established and emerging contemporary artists worldwide. The museum has showcased works by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Robert Rauschenberg.

Seaport District Waterfront Restaurants 

The Seaport District has a burgeoning food and music scene with the choice of brewpubs and casual and fine dining restaurants serving various fare. Inspired by the modern-day “ouzeri” found throughout Greece, Committee is the vibrant, welcoming place where the conversation flows, the sharable plates delight and satisfy, and the creative cocktails keep the mood light and fun. Kick back in a place that brings a new spark to the Boston waterfront. Get a taste of Greek meze and cocktails in Boston, MA! Call us today at 617.737.5051!

Plan Your Trip To Boston, MA, This Summer

Some people love summer, while others hate the intense heat from the scorching sun. However, this differs in Boston, as everyone seems to love summer. Boston, Massachusetts, offers many activities and attractions during the summer months. Whether you are interested in history, culture, or outdoor adventures or want to enjoy the weather, here are things to explore in Boston.

Step Aboard the Tall Ship in Boston 

The Tall Ship in Boston is a majestic vessel, a replica of an 18th-century sailing ship, standing tall with its impressive masts and billowing sails. Once on board, you’ll be welcomed by a friendly and knowledgeable crew passionate about sharing Boston’s maritime heritage. For a more leisurely experience, find a cozy spot on the deck to relax. You can bask in the sun and enjoy the peaceful rhythm of the waves.

Bow Market Offers Unforgettable Summer Experience

Embrace the vibrant spirit of the summer season by visiting Bow Market, a bustling marketplace in the heart of Somerville, Massachusetts. This dynamic outdoor marketplace is known for its creativity, showcasing the talents of local artists, makers, and entrepreneurs. Bow Market is a paradise of diverse flavors and delights for foodies and culinary enthusiasts. 

Fun in the Sun at Castle Island

Experience the enchanting beauty and rich history of Castle Island, an idyllic oasis tucked away in South Boston, Massachusetts. Feel the warm sun on your face and the gentle ocean breeze as you stroll along the picturesque HarborWalk that encircles Castle Island. Castle Island also offers a pristine beach where you can bask in the sun, build sandcastles, and take refreshing dips in the inviting waters. 

Embark on a Breathtaking Summer Adventure at the Charles River

Paddle Boston offers a variety of watercraft rentals suitable for all ages and skill levels, ensuring that everyone can participate in this delightful experience. The Charles River also awaits you, which promises a day of leisure, exploration, and connection with nature right in the city’s heart.

Visit Committee in the Seaport 

After a long day of exploring the city, visit Committee in the Seaport for a fun and vibrant atmosphere with delicious Greek cuisine and drinks. Inspired by the modern-day “ouzeri” found throughout Greece, Committee is the kind of vibrant, welcoming place where the conversation flows, the sharable plates delight and satisfy, and the creative cocktails keep the mood light and fun. Step in and kick back in a gathering place that brings a new spark–and a true taste of Greece–to the Boston waterfront. 

5 Popular Greek Spirits You Should Try

Greek spirits are a great place to start when seeking something new! It can be challenging to know where to begin with various items to choose from. Fortunately, there is a handful of considered “must-try” items. These popular Greek spirits are some of the country’s most well-known and appreciated. 


Kitro is a traditional Greek liqueur that is made from a citron tree. The process begins by softening the leaves in alcohol, distilling them, and combining them with a sugar-water mixture. The beverage is clear with a yellow-green tint and a citrus flavor. It is frequently enjoyed on the rocks but can also create tasty cocktails. A fun note to consider is that the beverage’s color can indicate its sweetness level. When the drink is green, it has a sweeter taste. On the other hand, a yellow Kitro is more potent in alcohol – typically around 36% ABV.


For honey lovers, rakomelo is a must-try Greek spirit! Rakomelo differs from other spirits in its consistency, as the honey creates a thicker beverage. Because of the viscosity, it is best served warm and is commonly consumed in the colder months. Rakomelo is made by infusing Raki with honey and spices. Raki is another spirit distilled from the grape remnants after pressing for wine. The drink is sweet on the tongue and can be easily made at home with the right ingredients. 


Although the exact ingredients of Metaxa are unknown, it is a brand with brandy, wine, and different herbs. This Greek spirit has been around for over a century and is well-known worldwide. People describe the taste as rich, sweet, fruity, floral, and spicy. Metaxa achieves its taste with a particular mix of ingredients and barrel aging. Its flavor is popular for those who wish to drink it straight, but it also creates tasty cocktails.


Ouzo may be the solution if you seek one of the most well-known and ancient Greek spirits. It tracks as far back as the 19th century and can only be produced in Greece. Ouzo is made from distilled grapes with aniseed, fennel, coriander, and licorice. Greeks pair Ouzo with appetizers like olives, feta cheese, and seafood. It is most commonly served on the rocks or neat. 


Visit Committee in the Seaport

If you would like to try one of the spirits above but aren’t making a trip to Greece anytime soon, visit Committee in the Seaport of Boston, MA! We have a variety of different craft cocktails and wine options for you to indulge in while taking in the beautiful sight of Boston Harbor.

Why You Should Visit Seaport in Boston, MA

Boston is one of the best destinations in America, striking a balance between a rich historical heritage and modern fun and amenities. It is where you can meet various people and enjoy a mish-mash of cultures and identities. Here are some things you can expect to enjoy on a trip to seaport Boston.


Boston Harbor Islands

The Boston Harbor Islands are 34 islands with a wealth of everything, including civil war-era forts, tide pools, nature trails, and activities such as swimming and camping, all within reach of the sprawling downtown metropolis. The islands are an excellent way to get up close and personal with nature without leaving the comfort of modern-day conveniences.


Rose Kennedy Greenway

Located right in the middle of a steel jungle, the Rose Kennedy Greenway is a striking change of pace with its vibrant greenery and beauty. It stretches over a mile, cuts across many neighborhoods, and contains plazas, art, fountains, and special lighting.


Boston Children’s Museum

The children’s museum answers those worried about their children lacking things to do in seaport Boston. The museum provides an excellent opportunity to learn about science, culture, art, health and fitness, and environmental awareness. There’s a little something for every child to discover in this museum.


New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium gives its visitors the proper perspective on marine life and biology. In a reasonably natural habitat, you can see sharks, seals, whales, turtles, and more. It also provides an excellent learning opportunity for kids and adults alike on aspects of the ocean and aquatic life.


Freedom Trail

If you are a history buff, the Freedom Trail is your tea. It has everything from revolutionary-era museums to burial grounds. There’s a lot of heritage to be unearthed on this trail. You can also use it to instill knowledge in your children, although it might not be on the same level of coolness as the aquarium or parks.


Visit Committee in the Seaport

There are many places to visit in seaport Boston, and it would be impossible to see them all on an itinerary. However, the best thing about it is that there is something for everyone, and you are destined to find something that will make you fall in love with Boston. For a fun Greek meal, join us at Committee for delightful craft cocktails and delicious Greek cuisine.

The History of the Gyro

The gyro is a well-known Greek meal eaten for many years worldwide. It is often served in pita bread or platter and is a delectable combination of meat, vegetables, and spices. Gyros are an excellent and gratifying dish that has endured the test of time, despite some controversy about their origin. This blog post will discuss the gyro’s history and how it became the famous dish it is today.


Origin of the Gyro

While the gyro is frequently attributed to Greece, its origins are hazy. Some people think it was created in Greece, while others believe it was invented in Turkey. One of the most well-liked ideas is that Greek immigrants to America in the 1920s were responsible for its creation. Regardless of where it came from, the gyro is a typical dish in Greek cooking and is loved by people worldwide.


Ingredients and Preparation

Gyros are traditionally made with lamb but can also be made with chicken or beef. The meat is slow-roasted on a vertical spit after being marinated in a mixture of herbs and spices, including oregano, garlic, and lemon juice. The meat is shaved off the spit and served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and tzatziki, a yogurt-based sauce, as it cooks. In addition to rice or fries, the gyro can be done on pita bread or a plate.


Popularity and Evolution

In the 1920s, the gyro initially gained popularity in Greece, swiftly spreading to other countries. The dish became more well-known when Greek immigrants established eateries and food carts in the 1970s in the United States. The gyro has changed over time to incorporate new flavors and ingredients. For instance, some people now substitute pork or tofu for lamb, and some restaurants offer it with various sauces or garnishes.


Why Visit Commitee?

Visit Committee if you enjoy Greek food or want to learn more about the gyro’s past. The spinner is one of the many traditional Greek dishes we provide at our restaurant. Our gyros are slowly cooked to perfection on a vertical spit using fresh ingredients. We provide choices of toppings and sauces so that you may personalize it to your tastes. Visit us and sample the gyro’s history for yourself.

Enhance Your Dining Experience with These 9 Tips

A meal can be so much more than just delicious cuisine. The environment, service, and ambiance may make your lunch memorable. There are methods to improve your dining experience, whether eating out or having a dinner party at home. This blog post will review nine suggestions for making a memorable dining experience.

Choose the Right Lighting

The ideal mood for your meal can be achieved with just enough illumination. Brighter lighting can make a space feel more dynamic and active, while soft, warm lighting can produce a pleasant, intimate ambiance.

Set the Table Properly

Set your table appropriately using the proper china, glassware, and silverware. A tablecloth or placemat can offer an additional touch of elegance.

Music Selection

Your dining experience might be influenced by music. Select music that enhances the mood you wish to set. Upbeat music can create a livelier atmosphere, while soft jazz or classical music produces a relaxing one.

Attention to Detail

A great dining experience can be created by paying close attention to detail. This might be as simple as placing fresh flowers on the table or as elaborate as creating custom menus or place cards.

Timing is Key

A smooth dining experience requires careful timing. To ensure the meal flows smoothly, be aware of how long each course takes.

Pair the Right Wine

The appropriate wine can enrich your dining experience by enhancing the flavors of your meal. To select the ideal wine pairing for your meal, consider researching it or speaking with a sommelier.

Offer Variety

A fascinating dining experience can be achieved by including variety. This can range from various courses to various flavors and textures.

Professional Service

Professional service can improve your dining experience whether you’re eating out or hosting guests at home. Ensure the waitstaff is competent, observant, and offers top-notch customer service.


An excellent dining experience is mainly dependent on cleanliness. To create a cozy and delightful ambiance, ensure your eating space is tidy and uncluttered.

Greek Dishes To Enjoy This Spring in Boston MA

Food is one of the basic human necessities. Everyone has a specific type of food they like, and many of us discover new delicacies by trying out different options. One spectacular variety of dishes to try is found in Greek culture. Greek words are known to be quite tasty and unique in composition. Lucky for you, here in Boston, we have restaurants that prepare some of the most excellent Greek dishes.


Baked Moussaka

This is one of the most famous Greek dishes. This delicious masterpiece typically has three layers: minced meat, sweet potatoes, and aubergine. A special cream sauce is used to top it off and then baked until a golden brown color is obtained. Moussaka can be made for vegetarians, too, where the minced meat is removed and replaced with a non-meat-based option.



Another very popular delicacy from Greece is the Fasolatha. Translated to English, it means White Bean Soup. It is prepared with beans, mashed fresh tomatoes, carrots, celery, garlic, and onions. Other vegetables can also be added based on the discretion of the customer. Parsley leaves are typically used at the end to flavor the soup.



This trendy Greek food is popular amongst children and older people. Loukoumades are small fried balls that have a doughnut-like appearance. The balls are also dipped in honey, and various toppings such as cinnamon, sprinkles, and crushed cashew nuts are also used. It is common in our restaurants for people to come and order several packs for friends and family members.



These are Greek-breaded meatballs. They are usually made with lamb meat and sliced potatoes and served alongside a creamy yogurt sauce. When prepared right, they are crispy and delicious and can be served as side dishes for salads and rice.



Greeks are known for their love for pie, so it should be no surprise that a pie-based dish is on our list. This dish can be made in a variety of ways and with a variety of ingredients. A phyllo pastry layered with cheese, spinach, and flavored dill is the most common.