Brunch Options in the Seaport, Boston, MA

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy brunch with friends and family. Have you made Mother’s Day plans yet? Do you have an occasion to celebrate? Do you just want to enjoy the warm weather? Make brunch reservations at Committee in the Seaport! We have various Greek-influenced brunch options. 

Here are some of our favorite brunch items for you to try in the Seaport. 

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs!

At Committee in the Seaport, we have a variety of egg dishes for those looking for a classic brunch dish. We serve a Greek omelet with loukaniko, kefalograviera cheese, oregano, and potatoes and pita. We have an egg white frittata with roasted Greek vegetables and cheese mixed with mixed greens, potatoes, and grilled sourdough. Try our koulouri and eggs for a classic Greek breakfast, served on a Greek-style sesame bagel with labneh, chili oil, togarashi, and a 7-minute egg. Lastly, our Lamb Kofta Hash is a favorite, with two eggs, spicy harissa yogurt, roasted sweet potatoes, swiss chard, caramelized onion, and spiced ground lamb. 

Shareable Plates 

If you are visiting the Committee with a special someone or friends, consider grabbing some of our “For the Table” dishes. Our Greek pancakes will fill that sweet tooth with strawberry-mastiha cheesecake sauce, fresh whipped cream, and a Greek butter biscuit crust. Our Tsoureki toast comes with caramelized bananas, Metaxa brown sugar syrup, candied walnuts, and fresh whipped cream – it will, without a doubt, have you wishing for more! Lastly, our classic Mediterranean Shakshouka is perfect for a group and comes with grilled sourdough on the side. 

Finish Off Your Meal with a Sweet Finish

Who doesn’t love finishing off their brunch with a delicious, sweet option? At Committee, we have different sweet options if you’d prefer that over savory. For example, we have a Greek yogurt parfait option topped with Nola, cranberries, pistachio, almond, roasted apples, and Nigerian honey. We also have a Spanakopita muffin, Baklava muffins, Sarikopita, and organic oatmeal. Don’t miss out! 

Choose Committee for Brunch in Boston, MA

Inspired by the modern-day “ouzeri” found throughout Greece, Committee is a vibrant, welcoming place to engage in flowing conversations and delightful shareable plates. Step in and kick back in a gathering place that brings a new spark and an authentic taste of Greece to the Boston waterfront. Call us today at 617.737.5051!