Why You Should Visit Seaport in Boston, MA

Boston is one of the best destinations in America, striking a balance between a rich historical heritage and modern fun and amenities. It is where you can meet various people and enjoy a mish-mash of cultures and identities. Here are some things you can expect to enjoy on a trip to seaport Boston.


Boston Harbor Islands

The Boston Harbor Islands are 34 islands with a wealth of everything, including civil war-era forts, tide pools, nature trails, and activities such as swimming and camping, all within reach of the sprawling downtown metropolis. The islands are an excellent way to get up close and personal with nature without leaving the comfort of modern-day conveniences.


Rose Kennedy Greenway

Located right in the middle of a steel jungle, the Rose Kennedy Greenway is a striking change of pace with its vibrant greenery and beauty. It stretches over a mile, cuts across many neighborhoods, and contains plazas, art, fountains, and special lighting.


Boston Children’s Museum

The children’s museum answers those worried about their children lacking things to do in seaport Boston. The museum provides an excellent opportunity to learn about science, culture, art, health and fitness, and environmental awareness. There’s a little something for every child to discover in this museum.


New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium gives its visitors the proper perspective on marine life and biology. In a reasonably natural habitat, you can see sharks, seals, whales, turtles, and more. It also provides an excellent learning opportunity for kids and adults alike on aspects of the ocean and aquatic life.


Freedom Trail

If you are a history buff, the Freedom Trail is your tea. It has everything from revolutionary-era museums to burial grounds. There’s a lot of heritage to be unearthed on this trail. You can also use it to instill knowledge in your children, although it might not be on the same level of coolness as the aquarium or parks.


Visit Committee in the Seaport

There are many places to visit in seaport Boston, and it would be impossible to see them all on an itinerary. However, the best thing about it is that there is something for everyone, and you are destined to find something that will make you fall in love with Boston. For a fun Greek meal, join us at Committee for delightful craft cocktails and delicious Greek cuisine.

5 Fun Things To Do in Boston’s Seaport

The Seaport in Boston, MA, has some of the best attractions across the city, including events, fun restaurants and bars, and beautiful coastal views. From museums to shopping centers to breweries, there’s something for everyone.


We’ve compiled some of the best ten things to do at the Seaport for your next trip.


Visit A Brewery.

Start your day in the Seaport by visiting one of many of Boston’s best breweries, including Harpoon Brewery, Cisco Brewery, and Trillium. This is one of the largest breweries in the area and constantly serves fresh brews, food, and weekly events and festivals. Check them out online or take a trip downtown! 


Museums, Museums, Museums! 

The Boston Children’s Museum is the perfect place to spend a rainy day with the family. If you are traveling with kids, this is a must-see to help make your experience memorable. The Institute of Contemporary Art is located right on the Seaport and has new and modern exhibits that you shouldn’t miss. Lastly, for the history lovers, enjoy the Boston Tea Party ships and museum for a dramatic and engaging historic American event. Live actors, interactive exhibits, and full-scale 18-century sailing vessels are just a few things you will experience.


Indulge At The Lawn on D.

Another fun option when enjoying your time in Boston’s Seaport is to soak up the outdoors on the Lawn on D. This open space features music events, lawn games, food, drinks, and more! With activities for the entire family, we promise you will enjoy this interactive outdoor space with scenic swings and popular photo spots.


Let Loose at Martin’s Park.

If you have younger children, bring them to burn off some energy at Martin’s Park before dinner! This park is a great, inclusive play area for children of any age. Let your children let loose and meet other children in the area! It’s also located conveniently right outside the Boston Children’s Museum. 


Visit Waterfront Restaurants.

Lastly, we can’t forget to tell you to visit one of the many delicious and beautiful restaurants along the waterfront. In the Seaport District, you’ll find everything from the freshest seafood, American classics, and mouth-watering Greek dishes to indulge in – like here at Committee in the Seaport. Visit us today to get started – end your long day in Boston with some refreshing Greek cocktails and cuisine

What is Boston Most Famous For & Where to Visit! 

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States and is one of the best places to experience American history for all ages. Start off at the Boston Common and enjoy sightseeing along the Freedom Trail. Families with kids will find plenty of activities and distractions throughout the Boston Common – including swan boats in the Boston Public Garden or come aboard the USS Constitution Museum! Here are some more popular and historic Boston spots.


Visit Fenway Park

As the Boston Red Sox’s home since 1912, Fenway Park is where you can learn about Major League Baseball history. Take a tour around the park and learn about past heroes at the hall of fame. Purchase tickets to a game and see living Boston baseball legends play against the Yankees, Royals, Rangers, and many more teams! Even if you aren’t a die-hard baseball fan, the experience alone is worth it.


Walk Around Boston Common

The Boston Common is the oldest urban park in the United States, dating back to 1864. It played a significant role during the American Revolution, a popular destination where the Redcoats were encamped. Founding Fathers would gather to celebrate the nation’s independence in the Boston commons, and it now offers over 50 acres of historical monuments under beautiful greenery and recreational activities.


Take a Trip To Boston Museums

Boston has plenty of fun and unique art museums for you to visit this summer. On the hot days, consider going inside to one of these delightful museums! 

Museum of Fine Arts: This magnificent building on Huntington Ave has some of America’s most comprehensive art collections. It is easy to get lost in the beautiful hallways and rooms, viewing the varied pieces of beautiful art. The Museum of Fine Arts’ collection ranges from Greek, Egyptian, and Native American, to contemporary art and more.

MIT Museum: Discover scientific and technological breakthroughs through the MIT Museum’s collections. Inside, you can find a wealth of objects, photographs, videos, and holograms, showing some of the achievements of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology since its founding in 1861! 


Treat Yourself to Dinner in the Seaport 

Lastly, after a long day exploring Boston, MA museums and historical sites, enjoy a relaxing meal at Committee on the waterfront. Inspired by the modern-day “ouzeri” found throughout Greece, Committee is the kind of vibrant, welcoming place where the conversation flows, the sharable plates delight and satisfy, and the creative cocktails keep the mood light and fun. Step in and kick back in a gathering place that brings a new spark–and a true taste of Greece–to the Boston waterfront.

Things To Do in Boston, MA This Summer! 

Are you visiting the Boston area with friends or family this summer? There are plenty of different activities, neighborhoods, and restaurants for you to see. We have put together a little guide to show you the essential places you should visit this summer. 


Visit A Museum in Boston, MA 

Whether you gravitate towards exhibitions big or small, niche or broad, artistic or scientific, modern or ancient, ugly or beautiful, you’ll walk away from each with a bit of this city’s perpetual genius in your bones. Here are just a few of the exciting museums in Boston, MA, with fluctuating exhibitions:


Museum of Fine Arts: The MFA has an extensive collection of art and artifacts and houses one of the best collections of Korean art outside the Korean peninsula. It also has the only permanent exhibition for ancient coins in the US and a collection of works by John Singer Sargent. 

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: An intimate and unparalleled experience, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum draws on the vast art collection of its founder, Isabella Stewart Gardner, who had a love for travel, the bohemian lifestyle, and the luxuries of ancient cultures. 

Harvard Museum of Natural History – The Harvard Museum of Natural History proves fascinating for both adults and kids – great for a day out with the family to keep everyone interested! Since 1998, it has served as Harvard’s botanical, geological, and zoology research destination, and some of the collections began as early as the 1780s.


Visit Historical Sites

Another popular thing to do on the less hot days in Boston, MA, is to take a trip down the historic Freedom Trail. With plenty of stops along the way, this is a great thing to do with family or on a more relaxed day. Here are some destinations to look out for: 


USS Constitution: The USS Constitution, the world’s oldest-commissioned warship that is still afloat, is docked at Charlestown’s Navy Yard. It is a part of the Freedom Trail and is open to the public with free admission – definitely worth the trip! 

The Paul Revere House – Along the Freedom Trail, this is one of the fascinating stops. This intimate, two-story wood-frame Tudor-style home has been restored and refurbished and accurately reflects how it would have looked when silversmith Paul Revere lived here with his family.


Eat Out at Committee in Boston, MA 

After a long day exploring the museums and historical sites of Boston, MA, you will be ready for a delicious meal. Visit Committee in Boston, MA, for a luxurious and authentic Greek meal right here on the waterfront of Boston. To make reservations, visit our website.