Traits of a Good Bartender

No one wants to go to a bar and have a lousy night. However, it’s not uncommon to be confronted with a rude or unattentive bartender busy with everything except taking your drink order. Things can get frustrating when it takes forever to get that drink. Of all the possible bad bartending pitfalls, there are some stellar bartenders out there that will ensure that guests have the best time possible and that your bar picks up great reviews. You can avoid being stuck with bartenders that disappoint by identifying key traits when seeking someone for a new bartending position. Take a look at some top characteristics of a good bartender. Head to Committee Boston and experience our fabulous drinks and even better bartenders!

Knows Their Drinks

A bar is a place where people buy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, which means that it’s paramount that a bartender has keen knowledge about various drinks. Bartenders are knowledgeable about their craft if they are to be effective. Being an expert mixologist who is well-versed in everyday beers and cocktails, plus those less common drinks, is a star quality to possess. A bartender can offer guests recommendations about a drink to try or what drink to pair with their meal. It’s a must that a bartender knows their drinks.

A Bartender Must Maintain Cleanliness

A clean environment is a healthy and inviting space, and your bartend should ensure that cleanliness is an everyday practice on the job. Bar cleaning may not be a glamorous part of the job description, but it’s essential nonetheless. It’s all about the kind of experience that you give to your guests. A clean and tidy bar will attract and keep guests coming back, and any bartender that values cleanliness is an asset.

Exceptional Customer Service Skills

It helps that a bartender is a people person, but more importantly, that bartender understands what it means to offer excellent customer service. A bartender should be vibrant and friendly to let guests feel welcome and at ease. A smile and a warm greeting can go a long way when bartending, and so can being responsive and attentive. Seek out a personable bartender who can quickly form connections with people and knows how to handle different personalities and situations. 

Exemplify Excellent Time Management and Memory

Effective time management is a common challenge to bartending, and having a good memory is also helpful. Not all orders will be simple; some may include uncommon or long names and long, multiple requests in one order. Things can get complicated fast, and you have to work under pressure and deliver orders promptly and stay connected with guests, all the while keeping them happy. A bartender must deliver on time management and have a good memory to make their bartending something boss and guests appreciate.

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How to Pair Greek Wine and Cheese

The Greeks are wine and cheese-loving people, but they are not the only ones who appreciate or enjoy fine wine with great cheese. Greek cheese and wine pairing have long evolved from the limited duo: briny feta and piney retsina. There’s a variety of Greek cheeses and incredible wines that offers something special for every palate. Do you know how to pair Greek wine and cheese? If you need some help, keep reading to learn about a few of the best pairing options. And, head to Committee Boston for your own Greek experience!

Feta With Fragrant White Wine

The iconic Greek feta is soft and creamy and is a salty, brine-aged cheese. The dryer the cheese becomes, the texture becomes crumbly and grainy, and the salt content becomes concentrated. This cheese requires a wine that can match the saltiness and the intensity of the flavor-something vibrant- a bright, fragrant white wine – an unoaked Moschofilero or a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. The acidity of the herbal, grassy notes of these two wines can stand up against the intensity and creaminess of the feta. 

Graviera and Medium Body Red or Rich White Wine

Graviera is a versatile Greek yellow cheese that, depending on age, ranges from soft and buttery to complex and tangy. It has a mellow flavor that’s slightly sweet but nutty and sharp with age. The cow’s milk variety can have a caramel flavor. Like chardonnay, Malagousia, or Vidiano, a full white wine pairs well with a smooth, young Graviera, while a sweeter Graviera would go well with a medium body red Merlot.

Kasseri and Spicy Red Wine

Kasseri is a mellow and mild cheese that’s mildly salty with a pliant, semi-hard texture. This mildly sweet cheese can change flavor as it ages and becomes more concentrated -rich and peppery. Fruity, spicy red wines, like Agiorgitiko that offer black cherry and currant notes, sweet raspberry, and nutmeg harmonize well with this cheese.

Manouri With Aromatic White Wine

Manouri is a tasty, alabaster-white, buttery whey cheese with a milky, creamy taste, plus a rich texture. Malagousia and Moschofilerois are great Greek wines to pair with Manouri. The aromatic, full-bodied whites have a balanced acidity allowing them to complement well with the fatty Manouri.

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Private Event Venue in Boston

Committee Ouzeri + Bar is located right along the beautiful waterfront in Boston, MA. Committee is a vibrant, welcoming place where you’ll enjoy an authentic taste of Greece right in Boston! We offer private events to be held at our restaurant. Offering our space to bring the the energy and fun of a cocktail party to an event of any size! An event at Committee by Boston’s waterfront allows guests to mingle over Meze- a Meditteranean dining concept involving sampling, sharing, and socializing. 

Our space at Committee Ouzeri + Bar is available for seated dinners and cocktail receptions, including passed hor d’ oeuvres in a number of different venues to best accommodate the event size and vision! Our team’s venue options include the Committee of 50 lounge, chef table or chef lounge, the board room, full restaurant, or the outdoor patio. Contact our team today if you’re interested in hosting a private event on Boston’s waterfront at Committee!

Committee of 50 Lounge

This venue at Committee offers a stylish and contemporary space for a function. With the Committee of 50 lounge, the available options for your event are a cocktail reception serving passed hor d’oeuvres or stationary platters. Also, for your event in this venue, a cocktail service is available! The Committee of 50 lounge accommodates up to 50 guests. Décor in this beautiful venue includes red leather couches, banquette seating, and cocktail tables! If this venue matches the size and vision for your private event, reach out to Committee today. 

Chef Table / Chef Lounge

Next, the chef table/chef lounge venues are available at Committee for private events; these two venues are available separately or together! These venues are designed for smaller and more intimate gatherings being hosted. Each venue seats up to 10 guests, and they have a pre-fixe menu for lunch or dinner. The entrees that are served in these venues are shareable and are family-style. If you are interested in having a cocktail tasting in these venues, that is available upon request! Looking to host a private event in the chef table and or chef lounge, Committee is ready to assist!

The Board Room

Committee’s next venue, the board room, offers an enclosed room that incorporates design elements from Boston’s famous Fan Pier! This venue features private space with sliding doors, accommodates up to 18 guests for lunch or dinner, and is wired for A/V! If this private venue is appealing for your intimate event, contact Committee for more information.

Full Restaurant

An excellent venue option offered is to buy out the full restaurant of Committee! Our team at Committee is happy to offer our restaurant for complete rental to accommodate larger functions. The entire restaurant venue can have gatherings with up to 320 guests! With seated dining, the entire restaurant is available for up to 170 guests. Are you planning a large function? Contact Committee to learn more about our full restaurant rental! 

Outdoor Patio

Lastly, Committee offers our outdoor patio to be rented for private events! Enjoy your function outdoors in the fresh air along Boston’s beautiful waterfront. Our outdoor patio can seat up to 60 guests for dining and 100 guests for an outdoor cocktail reception! In addition, there is an outdoor bar service available for private events. Plan your private event on Committee’s outdoor patio; reach out to our team for booking! 

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If you’re interested in hosting a private event in Boston, Committee has you covered! With our multiple venue options, you can plan your ideal private function with us. Whether it is a small or large gathering, enjoy the unique venues on Boston’s waterfront. Contact Committee today for more private event information or to book! Call our team at (617) 737-5051 today. 

Greek Wine Guide

The country of Greece is known for its wine. Wine in Greece goes about 6,500 years back, making for one of the oldest wine-making countries globally. The most aged Greek wine served today is around 2,000 years old, the famous white wine, Retsina. This famous and historic wine is one that ancient Greeks drank; it is best served cold and with Greek cheeses. Retsina is also served at Committee Boston for you to enjoy!

There are many regions in Greece that are known for their winemaking. In this post, you will be guided through Greek wines to learn more about them and their history. Visit Committee Boston to get the chance to sip on some of these delicious wines!

Red Wines 

Red wine is made by the crushing and fermenting of dark-colored, red, whole grapes. Many types of red wine vary in taste and color.


This fragrant red wine is native to Greece’s Peloponnese peninsula. It is one of the more commercially exported grapes and wines. Agiorghitiko produces a soft fruity blend.


Known as “sour black”, this is the main grape grown in northern Greece. This variety ages well and carries a rich flavor. Xinomavro red wine is served at Committee in Boston!


The red wine grape Mandilaria is mainly grown on the Greek isles. This grape produces a deep-colored wine that has a light body. Mandilaria is also served at Committee Boston!

White Wines

White wine is a wine that is fermented without skin. It is mainly produced from “white” grapes. White wine also comes in a wide range of tastes.


This wine is made from a white wine grape that is native to the island of Santorini. These grapes are planted and grow in the rich volcanic ash soil. Committee Boston serves many different Assyrtiko wines for visitors to sip on!


The wine is produced from a small harvest grape, Lagorthi. It is grown in the high slopes of the Peloponnese. Lagorthi produces sweet wine. Committee Boston is pouring up Lagorthi wine.


The malagousia grape is grown in Macedonia. This grape produces full-body white wines, and it was resurrected in the 20th century! Get the chance to have Malagousia wine at Committee in Boston.


Produced with high acidity and a lemon note, the Robola grape is mostly grown in the Ionian Island of Cephalonia. 

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This Seaport restaurant serves up all the classic Greek wines and dishes. Visit our team at Committee Boston today to get a taste! Give us a call at (617) 737-5051 or make a reservation online. We look forward to serving you!


Best Summer Cocktails

The hot summer days in Boston make you want to quench your thirst. Committee Boston has a full drink menu filled with delicious cocktails to help cool you down in the summer heat! Sipping on fruity and refreshing cocktails in the sunshine is just what you need. Continue reading our blog to learn more about the best summer cocktails to try this summer.


The Committee Mule 2.0 is a fantastic summer cocktail. It is mixed to perfection with vodka, mango, saffron, ginger beer, and bitters. This mule is packed with those fruity and refreshing summer flavors you’re looking for. This cocktail is a popular choice at Committee Boston!

Total Entertainment Forever Cocktail

This fun-named cocktail is packed with refreshing flavors to enjoy in the summer heat! The total entertainment forever cocktail is made with vodka, lemongrass, rosé cordial, citrus, aloe, and mint. All of these fresh flavors combine into a delicious summer cocktail that you’ll want to try!

Cielo Verde Cocktail

“Green sky” is what Cielo Verde means… this yummy cocktail is made to perfection with the ingredients: tequila, matcha coconut cream, banana, and lime. It is shaken up into this beautiful-looking and great-tasting green cocktail that fits perfectly with the name!

Rhymes With Zachary Cocktail

This cocktail is great for the summer with its combination of flavors. Rhymes With Zachary cocktail is made to perfection with delicious aged rum, pineapple, cardamom, and lime. With all of these fresh flavors, it creates the perfect cocktail for the summer heat!

Weird Al Greekovic

This fabulous twist on a cocktail makes for a refreshing, flavorful, and Greek-inspired summer cocktail! This cocktail is mixed to perfection with hibiscus-infused mastiha, yuzu, melon, pineapple, and bitters. All of the citrus and fruity flavors create a cocktail you need to try!

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Here at Committee Boston, our team is shaking up the best summer cocktails! Visit us today and try the wide variety of cocktails we serve on a daily basis. Contact us at (617) 737-5051 or check out our website to learn more. We look forward to having you!

Greek Brunch Essentials

Greek brunch brings a wide variety of foods and flavors to the table. After a long week, a great way to spend a weekend day is getting brunch with good people and indulging in even better food! Committee Boston offers a delicious brunch menu filled with must-try items. Continue reading to learn more about some Greek brunch essentials and prepare for your next weekend brunch!


This traditional Greek dish is the perfect thing to order at brunch! Bougatsa is a Greek breakfast pastry made deliciously with phyllo, vanilla custard, cinnamon, and topped with powdered sugar. The sweetness in this dish is just what you need for your sweet tooth!

Artichoke Moussaka

A well-known dish that you have to try, artichoke moussaka. There are many variations of moussaka but this one is the best. Made to perfection with artichokes, caramelized onions, potato, and béchamel. This makes for a perfect brunch dish for you to indulge in with its delicious, savory flavors!

Greek Yogurt

A breakfast/brunch essential that everyone knows about! Greek yogurt brings a creamy, tart flavor to the table. Greek yogurt at Committee Boston is served with sour cherry vyssino, pasteli, berries, and granola. If you’re looking for something light but still delicious and sweet, this is the brunch essential for you!

Classic Greek Omelet

Omelets are always a go to brunch meal. They’re packed with many flavors and are just what you need on the weekend. A classic Greek omelet is made with spinach, dill, scallions, and feta served with home fries and pita. This perfect combination offers you with fresh and savory tastes, you can’t pass up on this brunch essential!

Loukaniko Hash

This brunch dish serves you with three sunny-side up eggs, pork and leek sausage, butternut squash, celery root, spinach, and sourdough toast. With a combination like this, you can’t go wrong! Try this weekend brunch essential during your next visit at Committee Boston!

Spanakopita Grilled Cheese

Everyone loves grilled cheeses… You will have to try this spanakopita grilled cheese for brunch! Deliciously served with feta, kasseri, and spinach on sourdough bread and a side of tomato soup. This is a perfect meal for the cooler days when you’re looking for something comforting and warm!

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At Committee Boston, we’re serving up the brunch essentials you need! Visit us today and our enjoy our delicious brunch selection. Contact us at (617) 737-5051 or check out our website to learn more. We look forward to having you!